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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

CDT SUPER POWER TOUR- It's finally arrived!

Hi-Tec Golf Manager, Fredrik Sundstrom, has been working closely with Padraig Harrington to develop the CDT Super Power Tour shoes- this has taken about 18 months of product development and Hi-Tec are proud to launch a shoes that takes performance to a new level.

Today, the shoes have arrived and will be sent out to Padraig.
The CDT Super Power Collection is the new products, one level up from the CDT Power. You can find out more about them by clicking on the following link: www.CDTPower.com


The CDT Super Power will launch in Spring/ Summer 2007 in the UK; so keep an eye out for them! The CDT Super Power Tour is the "World's most technologically advanced and performance enhancing golf shoe."

The Spring/ Summer 2007 holds a fantastic range of shoes which includes the CDT Super Power Tour mentioned above, the CDT Super Power Classic, CDT Super Power Pro in two vibrant colours (white/ black/ blue and white/ black/ lime), the C2 Comfort and many more.
Supermodel Jodie Kidd recently became the latest Hi-Tec Embassador and her role as design consultant is sure to make a huge impact in the World of Women's Golf. This exciting new collection, JK, will soon be in the shops!


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