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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ryder Cup Fans (adapted from Telegraph online and PA)

Hi-Tec sponsored Ian Woosnam had given his team the option to not play, but was glad they all agreed to head out onto the course. Woosie said " I can understand a lot of guys might not want to go out and ruin their swings but this might be the calmest day for a while... one of the main reasons we came out is that 45 000 people had paid a lot of money to come and watch so I thought it was important we went at least to the practice ground, even if it was to just hit a few shots".

Ian and his team went out to practice to give the fans their money's worth. On Friday, the weather should have cleared ready for the competition to start.

The Ryder Cup is a 3 -Day competition at the K Club in Ireland, Dublin.


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